Everyone’s life journey is different. Therefore, an individualized approach to towards optimal health should be different as well. The very thing that makes you unique is what makes your healthy journey different than those around you. It’s because of this, that individualized nutrition care is a key pillar at Fairway Chiropractic.

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The human body is amazingly complex, and has the capability to send out signs when health is declining. Paying attention to the body’s unique signs and symptoms is vital. It allows us to go beyond trying to manage symptoms, to addressing the root cause. Taking a root cause approach to what your body is communicating is key to improving health. 

Dr. Lori believes in educating you in your lifelong approach towards optimal health. The combination of drawing various labs, going through a focused history, and listening to you as the patient, will start you and Dr. Lori off on the correct path towards getting your body functioning at its best.


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