Digital X-Rays

Why Digital X-Rays?

Digital Radiography is a modern method obtaining x-ray images that uses electronic sensors and a digital capturing device in place of traditional photographic film. Digital radiography is a key development in diagnostic imaging that can help improve patient care, support better patient outcomes, expand consultation capabilities, and enhance client interaction.

Instant Images

Film radiography takes time to process. This means when patients do get x-rays, we see the images almost instantly. This allows for fast diagnosis of your problem.

Less Radiation

The safety benefits of digital radiography are twofold: First, fewer retakes mean fewer exposures, resulting in decreased radiation exposure. Second, current state-of-the-art digital sensors are more responsive than film so less radiation (up to 70%) is required to produce a higher quality digital image.

Improved Image Quality

Using digital x-rays allows for image manipulation that is impossible with old style plain films. Our state of the art system improves our ability to diagnose the cause of your pain so we can help you faster.

How to know if you may benefit from Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays provide vital information that can affect how the chiropractor chooses to treat a patient. In some cases, chiropractic care or spinal manipulation may not be an appropriate course of action at that time and the patient may be started on a different, more gentle therapy. Other times, it can show the chiropractor how to best proceed in treating the patient. In short, patients are able to receive better, more well-rounded care which can better facilitate their healing and pain management. Aside from the benefits listed above, other benefits include: the ability to detect life threatening conditions (if any), the ability to track a patient's degenerative condition, and also allows patients to understand their condition and treatment plan, allowing them to take ownership of the process and be more involved in their therapy and healing. 

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